Deborah Turrell Atkinson’s mysteries of Hawaii
Hawaiian Suspense novels

Pick up a Storm Kayama novel and encounter thundering waves, dense rainforests, vivid coral reefs, teeming sea life, expansive beaches, towering waterfalls—all this in Hawai‘i. The Hawaiian Islands are the most remote island chain in the world. Not only are these islands known for having one-third of the endangered species in the United States (not all friendly), they teem with an assortment of ethnicities and cultures that make Hawaii a site of mystery and conflict.

Enter this exotic setting via Debby Atkinson’s crime fiction novels, which star the feisty and savvy Storm Kayama. Visit the islands through the eyes of a local and let Deborah Atkinson take you for a ride far from the beaten path.

Information on Debby’s latest book, PLEASING THE DEAD, is now online. Some nasty predators dwell in paradise, and they aren’t all hiding in the azure waters of the islands.  Storm Kayama goes to Maui to help a new client open a dive shop and encounters a prostitution ring run by the Yakuza.  Read more about the book here.

“…Readers will root for the strong, likable Storm as she uncovers secrets on an island that’s only idyllic on the surface…”
—Publishers Weekly

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